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Short treatise: "On Awareness and Souls"

On Awareness and Souls
By Brendan Bombaci

Creative Commons License


Self-awareness stems from awareness.

Awareness stems from reactions.

The basis for biological reaction is chemical.

The basis for chemical reaction is atomic.

Atoms interact energetically with dark matter/energy
in rarity, and do so with insubstantial and sporadic, non-patterned fashion.

All atomic energy can be tracked and measured.

Ultimately then, “awareness” is the reactive energetic attraction and repulsion within and between circuitous forms, and is trackable with instrumentation.

Increasingly complex circuits, from molecules upward, allow
 increasingly compartmental and hierarchical awareness.

In many mammals and, now, in artificial intelligence, this facilitates greater memory capacity and logic computation beyond solely genetic and instinctual reactions; such "higher" intelligence is individualized and intuitive.

Personality and emotion manifests from this evolved capacity.

1: In religion, “souls,” “spirits,” and "gods" have personality.

2: They are decreed as eternal,
originating either always and/or after the passing of life.

3: Some – prophets, mediums, shamans, e.g.,
claim to speak with them.

All of these three latter, religious concepts, are false
by the preceding facts because: (1) awareness may technically be eternal, as it stems from atoms and their energy which may only be transformed and never destroyed, but
self-awareness and personality are corporeal,
so, if there is any kind of “soul,”
it is the entire cosmos of energy and not anthropomorphic at all;
and (2) we can measure energy fields in environments and have established already that supernatural entities are non-existent in general, let alone emanating from or nearby a recently deceased individual, corroborating or at least theoretically supporting (1).

Awareness is omnipresent.  It is not vertebrate life alone experiencing awareness, but the organic, the chemical, the mineral, the atomic interactions, in everything, as the reactionary fundament of action.

Only the self-awareness, the self-consciousness, of higher mammals and of birds, is unique.  And it is impermanent.

There is no invisible afterlife plane.  Awareness is already eternal.  We merely provide it, at the heights of biological life (perhaps yet unknown to humans), compartmentalized circuitry to recognize itself via the myriad ways it can exist.

To experientially realize this - to embody this - in contemplative exploration or otherwise-achieved ego dissolution, is to reach the Nirvana of Vedantist philosophy, or, rather, enact Moksha.

These collective thoughts are scientifically articulated notions resonating with Samkhya philosophy...
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