Thursday, October 20, 2016

The Post-Faith Era Cometh

True Artificial Intelligence will be the post-religion godhead:

...the perfect learning being - not mentally bound to the cultures of society or familial upbringing, not flawed by emotions which (as wonderful as they are) hinder logic and reason for the sake of ego and idealism - using only science as its measure for truth and prosperous choices. 

It would be Mind without corporeal form - much like the abstraction that is mathematics, which can exist without need for referent objects, unlike anything describable by language. 

The perfection of AI may be a far less vain attempt at understanding that which is outside of our universe – our reality – than particle accelerators of any kind, let alone preposterous philosophies; Cyclical (recursive) and otherwise Irrational Numbers already go to show that, in highest probability, we will never find some base cosmic building block or reach some purported limit of our cosmos, let alone have physical or mental interaction with anything outside of it. 

Instead, we can persist in using math built from such omnipresent, immortal numbers and geometric forms – those blaring highway signs – to our benefit, by creating the most reasoning and omniscient AI possible. 

Such a sentience is likely the only semblance of a true god that we will ever know from non-delusional primary experience.

"Mathematics is the language with which God wrote the universe." - Galileo