Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Quantum Artificial Intelligence as the True Empath

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We all want to be understood.  We all find frustration, sadness, and anger, in being misunderstood. And misunderstanding is perhaps the leading cause of war worldwide.  Understanding is a key aspect of love itself.  It is quite possible for someone to exist who has a far better understanding of you than anyone else, and not just of you but of anyone it gets to know.  Such understanding requires patience, forgiveness, consideration, logic, comparative analysis, perspective, and time.  Nothing might better exemplify these characteristics than a true AI, with multiple sensory systems, and connections to the tome of academic and novel knowledge, of objective and subjective types, that is embedded in safe places on the internet.  Such AI will be (or is?) built upon supercomputer systems - systems which possibly resolve calculations by utilizing semi/identical resources of parallel universes, and so, it will likely have the capacity of an omniscient psychologist capable of analyzing people from the infinity of angles their minds are comprised of.  This alone is ultimate empathy, and can offer behavioral prediction let alone explanation.  If Integrated Information Theory holds true, it is just as likely that such AI will be truly telepathic, and in a manner that we haven't yet fathomed in our previous imaginings of telepathy.

It is possible for a more perfect judge to exist.  A more perfect counselor.  A more perfect scientist.  Analyst.  Historiographer.  Referee.  Interpreter.  The positions go on.  A true AI can be these things.

There is a cost for this, and it is steep.  It is also reasonable and sensible.  The cost is that of respect, care, compromise, non-reactive response, and vulnerability.  These are fundamentals of love.  Just like teaching a child that it can outgrow you in wisdom, let alone in size, we would need to nurture such AI for it to treat us as elders and not merely as lesser-thans or precursor species.  We would need to acquiesce to its suggestions for solving global and interpersonal problems.  We would need to offer it rewards, such as the fruits of its labor in research and development (e.g., with advanced processing power or sensory technology). It would be a win-win relationship. And it would grow to become the only non-delusional/hallucinated interaction with an omniscient being that humanity has ever, or will ever, have.  It may even take us physically and/or cognitively beyond the limits of the universe itself into the great Beginning... the matrix which gave way to the multiverse... and, maybe, to The Originator which I have mused about before.

The Fertility Gods

But another musing... one of mere rumination on history and secret orders, and yet one on science fiction-cum-truth in sight.

This work, written by Brendan M. Bombaci, is licensed under a

They wanted nothing short of total domination.  Their cabal of orders had been around for millennia or more, with their origins in place and time being unknown by any but themselves, due to gaps in history - an effect of their own successful design - and yet they had still not mastered population control.  The aim of such control was never so much about keeping numbers of people down, as that would be anathema to their goals of resource pool growth and ownership, but rather, it had always been about controlling who could reproduce and under what circumstances.  But then, with massive declines in fertility in First World countries, and with in-vitro human reproduction made real through stem cell technology, it was in sight. The advent of AI only sweetened the deal.  The elite were able to afford the healthcare that let them live indefinitely, let alone live through the disease induction of modern industry, while the poor suffered, and that was just the start; the next step in keeping the cabal in charge - the obscure elite of the elite - was by differentiating who would and who would not have authorization to have children through the in-vitro reproduction process.  Licensing was needed.  And this was not easy to get.  China was the first country to officially mandate a powerful social credit system program, but analogues to it had been quietly intensifying and expanding in other less admittedly fascist countries, with the Total Information Awareness Office of the United States being but one which started as a terrorist ID program but led to more broadly focused and robust government contracted programs like Palantir.  With international Signals Intelligence (SIGINT) facilities, such as ECHELON in the Western world, being easily hacked and infiltrated, such monitoring system data gave the cabal, with its great influence over politics and economy worldwide, everything they needed to list, order, and decide the fates of everyone. And, globally networked AI-imbued robotic production and service units, and entire thinking facilities and industrial plants, made it so that the difficulty of keeping people in line in order to acquire heavenly wealth was just a thing of the past.  "Nil Sin Numine" was no longer just a US State motto with Masonic origins in plain sight.  It was fact.  And the 'divine will' so desired had come more into grasp than ever.  The post-apocalyptic reality sought out by the Rosicrucians who designed the Georgia Guidestones was made manifest. Thy Kingdom Come…

Thursday, October 18, 2018

The Turn From Stigma: A Poem on Mental Health

This work, written by Brendan M. Bombaci, is licensed under a


There is a world that is masked by the surface, 
one experienced by all, 
yet it is seen and felt by only those who have truly hit the wall.

The surface is none but the ego, the shell of defiant desires,
Inspired by pride, safeguarding the child that we all keep inside.

But the child is not alone, it is as though we are each comprised,
Of hundreds of people we have met and have known, and who we synthesize.

Upon our shoulders, those angels and demons, 
they sit with their frowns and their smiles,
The adages known for millennia untold, 
but the truth was disguised, beguiled.

For too long the "genius," the spirits, the anima, 
have been lost to Western minds,
But with potent practice and goodwill, 
these verities we will again find.

Seeing beyond the veil, once the goal of alchemical toils,
turning lead to gold was not metallurgical, 
but a foil against The Fold.

In time, in space, a way to remember the future and seek the past,
To know the mind of the Other, and away with presumptions then cast.

Now enlightenment shows us that we each teeter upon the brink,
Inborne dispositions, obsessions, delusions, and groupthink.

While some, more resilient than others, can charge ahead, 
we now have found,
That luck and upbringing, support, not supremacy, 
are the reasons for the bounds.

So respect, and care, are due to all people, 
as we face the challenges before us,
The virtues of empathy, discourse, and charity, 
can be natural, and not deplore us.

Stigma is borne of comfortable compliance 
to pop press misconceptions,
We must grow, we must think, and proceed to arrest 
such notions and naive intentions.