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COMMON GROUND: a (Cross-Cultural Connection)

La copia y pega este Web site en Yahoo' " en línea de s; Babelfish" ¡servicio para la traducción española!

Here is a preview of what's to come... I recently posted this introductory paragraph in Skeptic Magazine forum, yet the main article was written and published in Second Creation Magazine (graced with the capstone/wrap-up article position in that issue) last year:

How many of you are aware that the math behind old Pharisee Numerology came from Egypt? 6 x 6 x 6 = 216. The Triple Tetragrammaton... or... quadruple the Triple Saros, if you do your math even further, in relation to the celestial motions which were most revered in concordance with God's clockwork manipulation of the Above and the Below. The main curiosity of the Grecian Antikythera Mechanism is all about this cycle. An Exiligmos (another name for this Triple Saros) of the moon, which gives you cult-empowering predictability to the repeating lunar eclipse cycle, occurs once every 54 years and 30 days (+/- ^3 days, depending on other fast geophysical oscillations). Take the amount of days therein and divide it by the amount of days in a synodic lunar cycle (29.63 days), which was well known to elite Mesopotamian astronomer-mystics... tada!!! "The Beast" of revelations, as it were, apart in its divine geomancy from the Holy Son, revealed in the same way as the free feminine nature of Eve, as she was to Adam...

On top of that, if one degree in the 25920-year-long Precession of Equinoxes = 72 years of duration... and 72 is the Tetragrammaton ("IHVH")... the Triple Tetragrammaton is 3 degrees. And you're now a Blue Lodge Master (3rd Degree) Mason. Congratulations!  {just kidding}

I guess "I hath understanding." Pass it on! Demystify and empower!

"...and he measured the wall thereof, an hundred and forty and four cubits [216 feet], according to the measure of a man, that is, of the angel."
-Book of Revelations, 21:17

Brendan Bombaci
Common Ground
(revised 22 July 2008!!)

Berlin, 1917: Rudolf Steiner, ‘Western’ founder of both Anthroposophy and Biodynamic Agriculture, stated in his academic lecture entitled The Metamorphoses of the Soul-Forces, “Thus the Vernal Point progresses; the Sun rises a little further on in the Zodiac every spring, and it is easy to see that in a given time it will have moved through the whole Zodiac; the place of sunrise will have moved through the whole Zodiac. Now the approximate time required for the Sun in its journey through the Zodiac is 25,920 years;” and, he then added, “(…) Plato, the great Greek philosopher, called these 25,920 years a cosmic year — the great Platonic Cosmic Year.” [Steiner 18] Even though this “Year,” with its International Standard 12 Ages, has been acclaimed to Greek knowledge over the last two thousand years of Western social thought, many other cultures throughout the globe have had the same observational understanding of celestial motions. The Maya and Aztec, for example, were well aware of this grand cycle, and, made paramount in their calculations the 5184-year “Long Count,” which was, and still is, a division of that Zodiac Precession period by 5 “Worlds” (in which civilizations rise and fall repeatedly). Many more mathematically-harmonic (and geometric) pieces of the shifting sky were realized and ritualized - to better grasp the powerful nature of cosmic cycles, weather patterns, and even general human/social growth and individual destiny – by both East and West almost synchronously in chronological framing. In fact, our languages, like our arts and our sciences, from verbal to written to computational and structural, have all depended heavily upon this mystical astronomy; and, each of those uniquely man-made symbols, that make up the patchwork of any ‘people,’ can be (and perhaps have been) reconstituted through the Aeons, via collective and studious natural observations, upon the premise of keeping our creative forces alive.
The possibilities for the starry Heavens above to teach us everything ‘technological,’ aside from (maybe) medicine and social grace, are beyond remarkable. The binary number system, derived from various polar opposites such as those that are obvious to early man (four diametrical seasons), is powerful enough to spawn representations of the proto-religious solar and galactic cross, the I-Ching (along with the pseudo-scientific art of Feng Shui), the two overlapping circular ‘wholes’ of a geometrical Vesica Piscis – creating the mandala-common esoteric “above and below” (or male & female) eye/almond/fish/√3 symbolism, cubical and pyramidal buildings, navigational compasses, computer programming code, and so much more. It’s even the natural model for early stages of biological cellular development, as in mitosis and meiosis, and, more dramatically, a cosmic model for solar fusion and the heliopause-derived Archimedean spiral (11-year clockwork rhythmic waves of sunspot-causing pole-reversal energy permeating from that same blaze that marks our seasons). These examples are surely only some of the human-solar story, and yet there are even more objects out there to comment on. The cold, dark, and socially omitted magic of moon-watching has its own shamanic and priestly roots.
To harness the secrets of luna-cy is not only to thrive when others dream. It is to pay truly excited heed to the oddities and dangers of nocturnal wilderness, to remove oneself from the standard pecking order, and to become far more entrenched in the gears of universal geometry, physics (fluid dynamics and gravity), and calendar creation than any solely Sun-worshipping people could comprehend or facilitate. To Egypt, the Moon was abstract and illogical like the ego-less (artistic and feminine) right brain, but important enough to credit for their language, measure, math, and architecture (as the anthropomorphized deity ‘Thoth’); to Native America, it was a “Wandering Fool,” even though it assisted various tribes in hunting, birthing, and meteorology. The Persians, Indians, and Medians still revere the Moon for its ocean taming qualities, and practiced divinations, as well as journey-planning, based on ‘lunar mansions’ and tidal occurrence; the educated elite of Central American societies utilized its mathematically obscure eclipse cycles to portray their ‘gifted’ abilities to speak with the Gods of spirit and rain. Most obviously there are specific powers of gnosis that night life imparts to those who are patient, especially because it takes years of observations and records to account for the ‘recycling’ of all lunar motions aside from its blatant ‘phases’ (new, waxing, full, and waning stages). The biggest secret the Moon holds, in all of its various confusing cycles of appearance, is that they mesh like harmonious music once every 18 years (a “Saros” cycle) – and that accounts for only one third the prediction basis (all of its cycles will be the same, except the it will be one third around the world instead of where you saw it last); three times that period, or 54 years, is one ‘exeligmos’ (“turn of the wheel” in Greek), which has been a secretive tool of pharaohs, shamans, medicine men and women, witch doctors, pontifexes, cohen, yogi/ni, monks, and many others for thousands of years now. These numbers are relative and divisible back to ‘odd’ numbers only, hence the metaphorical (as well as physical) di-polarity of the Sun and Moon; and, those numbers, like the averaged annual 13 lunations from full to new and full again, hold a special place in universal creation and human culture, which we will now examine.
Here’s a critical and fundamental primer for the much bigger connections to come. The term ‘sacred geometry’ is probably one you’ve encountered at least once in your life time. Sacred geometry is everywhere we look in nature, in cities, in human devices, in molecules, and even in the places we call home. It’s in the mirror. Without it life would not exist, as even the table of elements must bend to the whim of various ethereal lines and curves of geometrical programming that hold the seas of space together in form. As an unsourced quote from centuries past, Galileo said “mathematics is the language with which God has written the universe,” [Wiki] just as Pythagoras, two thousand years before him, proclaimed that “all is number.” [Allen] In a coming-to-terms with human ideas of falsity and truth in our perceptions of ‘reality,’ nothing could be more empowering to comprehend, as was testified to me (in spoken fable) by an elder Mayan woman, that “time is the loom upon which all reality is strung.” Pyramids can be seen, not only in old and new city structures throughout the world, but in the pictorially-displayed stacked pots (10 of them) of ancient Native North American peoples, in the hailed Tetractys (the same 1:2:3:4 ratio) of ancient Greece, in the converged and inverted triangles of the East Indian Shri Yantra mandala as well as the Egyptian Star of David, the Dendera and Chinese Zodiacs, as well as Buddhist temple roofs. Now, back to structure - turning that folkloric triangle into a three dimensional idea (mimicking many biological forms), with either 4 total sides or 5 total sides, is as much a learning tool for contemplating cosmogenesis as sitting meditational in the center of a 6-sided room (or imagining those planes), acting as the 7th plane/ 9th point, or “4th dimension,” (hypercube) of 3-dimensional space.
The tetra-hedron (a key “Platonic Solid” – or building block of matter), being a 4-sided pyramid of sorts, represents the first orderly, 3D geometrical shape which can take place in the known universe; even a perfectly equilateral triangle, before it, still represents a shape of only 2-dimensions. “To define these, the Platonic solids, in geometric terms, we can say that they are the only five polyhedra that are completely regular convex polyhedra. The term "regular" refers to the fact that every face, every edge length, every facial angle, and every dihedral angle (angle between two faces) are equal to all the others that constitute the polyhedral.” [O’Connor] The mystique of the number 7 in any society stands to this day: 7 days in a week, ‘lucky 7’ in gambling, 7 “days of creation,” 7 gods or demons (in many religions), 7 chakras of the body, 7 notes in the diatonic musical scale, and… the weirdness that exists in the post-decimal remainder numbers when anything is divided by 7 (it’s always the same numbers, and never contains a 3,6, or 9). There’s more to those particular phenomenon, but we can advance. Remember: one point symbolizes singularity in a way that reminds us all of pre-creation consciousness, while two points represents a straight line of simple di-polarity, and three is a magical number (trinity, triskele, triqueta, 3 Supernals, 3 aspects of the 7th Mayan Bolontiku infra-world Gods, etc) which signifies the birth of perspective (one outside of, but relating to, 2 equal-opposites). Just as two inverted and converged triangles creates an image of unity between two perspectives (individuals), two inverted tetrahedron symbolize this in 3D rather than 2D, and, observed vertex-inward, appear as a cube.
Giving more reason to why our structural designs tend to these shapes, we must ask where the sphere (like the irrational Pi curve and Phi spiral) comes into play, symbolically as it were, and, we must be curious if all cultures, in case, have been aware of the geometrical/biological ‘technology’ therein. Fibonacci was a monk with great love for the elements, plants, and animals around him – he enjoyed nature enough to stumble across one of the universe’s biggest secret designs meant to perpetuate the growth of life. This was the same design that DaVinci held so dear (the natural ‘horn’ spiral, and the pentacle), but in a numerical form (the Fibonacci Sequence). We’ll see just how closely his observances actually matched those of the already 700 year-old Maya Classic civilization, and the already-ancient Inca of Peru. The following statements are about Incan counting tools called ‘Yupanas’ (from perhaps hundreds of years before the 1400s-1500s - Fibonacci’s time): ““(…) where corn grains are used to count, is a fascinating experience, because these Indians can do the same accounts that a very expert accountant is to do by means of a pen, some ink and a lot of complicated operations to know, for example, the true amount of a tribute he is due. With the help of their grains, they put one seed here, three seeds there and eight seeds I don’t know where and, after moving one of them from here and changing down three of them, they succeed in doing their accounts without the smallest error and so they can decide the exact amount that each person is to pay much better than we can do by means of our pens and ink. Whoever can judge whether these people are men or beasts. What I affirm with dead certainty is that these people excel us by far in what they work hard” (Acosta, 1954:190).”” [Aimi 1] Nicolino De Pasquale, who did the extensive ethnological research into these artifacts, purported, in 2002, that similar tools and mathematics were utilized by Maya, Tiwanikus, Huaris and Egyptian peoples as well (!). Understanding the perfect spiral is a feat in itself; grasping the circle and sphere as irrational, non-geometrical universal forms, was something that societies everywhere had down, from the dawn of rock-etching at least, because of their more apparent presence in nature – but assigning number and ratio and harmonic proportion to a neverending spiral… is incredible. And, it is cross-cultural.
Onward now, with this information in hand; we’ve established the strangeness and beauty of the number 7, a bit about the proto-cosmic ‘shapes’ (Solids), and how the spiral corresponds to life itself. To make things wilder (and this connectivity has been discovered already), the number 13 is the 7th numeral (think ‘middle of a cube’) in the Fibonacci Sequence (being 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, et cetera), and, happens to be the center point of a 12-sided dodecahedron (each side happening to be a pentagon which represents the Golden Spiral of Phi to begin with)! That shape, like either relative number 12 or 13, is taken to be quite a spiritual one, due to these implications, by Celts, Druids, Christians, Hermeticists, Buddhists, Masons, and on, and on. 12 disciples, 12 at the Round Table, 13 annual ‘Moons,’ 13 steps on ‘the pyramid,’ 12 or 13 (depending on how you look at it) notes in the Western Chromatic musical scale. 12 inches in a foot, 12 hours per day or night, 12 Ages... 13000 years in half a Zodiac Precession (covering 6 of those Ages), and even 13 original colonies represented by a banner with two inverted Tetractys triangles, like Solomon’s Seal and Pythagorean math and Incan/Mayan/Aztec calendrics all together. Moreover, the 12th numeral, in ‘the Sequence’ of spiraling reality, is the same as 12 squared (12 by 12); roughly the same number as the amount (142-147) of centimeters in the Maya “xo’ot” unit of measurement, and, thereby arguably connected to the furlong and horology of Mesopotamia - which we'll get to shortly - in that 144 of these xo'ot comprises one "zapal" of startlingly furlong-approximate length)[O'Brien and Christiansen 1986]; and the same as the Kabalistic (Gematria number-wording) “Double Tetragrammaton” – one of the pre-Biblical “Esoteric Hebrew Names of God” [Parsons] revered secularly throughout Egypt and all of ancient Mesopotamia. This occulted ‘144’ is a big deal, in terms of summing up many secrets of sacred geometry, for all of humanity’s research efforts into the hidden realm; but, we will get to more of that shortly as well. Now it is time to foray towards the ancient magic of physics and a special little discovery I’ve recently made about re-establishing a measurement system out of… thin air.
The Solar, Lunar, and Precessional cycles of alignment and time-keeping, heretofore, should present an ideal – a super-linguistic civil standard which is reasonable and translatable enough for any cognizant observers of differing cultures- for building, say, a receptacle of such knowledge to be used in agriculture, architectural integrity, scientific exploration, spiritual teachings, and the multiple media of the arts. Not only should they, however: they do, and they have been. This is much like the Standard International units of measure that exist today, because the paradigm given is what actually gave form and function to the SI; the skies keep the same formulae for teaching us the way (that shift only slightly during Milankovitch Cycles every 104,000 years), and the same mathematics cooperates with cosmic harmonics, elemental ("sacred") geometry and nature’s growth patterns (like Phi). Perfect. And very convenient. So if Ptolemy established that the world at its equator has roughly the same circumference, in miles, as the amount of years in a Precession of Equinoxes (Zodiac spin), each of the 72 miles per ‘degree’ (1/360th) of Earth’s belt directly coincides with how much surface area is illuminated or darkened during each of the 4 minute-distanced intervals (each 4 minute period is 1/360th of a day). This can be further reduced, from the esoteric 5280-foot ‘mile’ (think of the 528Hz note of the Scottish Knights Templar-built Rosslyn Chapel ‘Solfeggio’ scale), and it can be divided into a portable tool for measurement that you have already used countless times in your life.
Let’s say that the second-hand on your clock doesn’t exist. It’s been replaced by the Sumerian ‘Barleycorn’-hand or the Hebrew ‘Helakim’-hand. “Hebrew calendar makers of antiquity used an entirely different approach (comment: as opposed to both the duodecimal and Babylonian base-60 systems we are used to now). They divided the hour into 1080 parts, to create their basic unit of time…”. [Hebra 53] Each of those moments divides the day into 25920 parts (representing the ‘Western’ or Central American Zodiac Precession again), and literally transmutes the nature of celestial motions into a physically measurable distance. First, we know that the equator rules 72 miles per degree of distance covered; and next, we can use the Helekim clock (perhaps a water drop-meter) to make a measuring device useful to a smaller scale. Stand at distance to a friend in an open field, holler to them, and wave your hand at the same time. When exactly one Helakim of time passes before the slow-to-reach-them yell gets there (the hand-waving is instantaneously perceived), you will have the corresponding physical distance, to that 3.333 second-long Helakim, in an air medium! Chop that distance up into ‘furlongs’ (a very well-used pre-acre measure roughly equal to 660ft), and you would derive the number 20.54. Amazingly, that number is relative to Moses’ Biblical cubit. It is the Royal Cubit of the Pharoahs (20.6 inches), in fact, when the ‘finger’ (a subdivision) is rounded up, as it would be back then. Would the Royal Cubit be extracted this way? It sure seems precise enough to warrant some more credit to that measure than “being as long as one Pharoah’s arm” or something similarly as presuming. To boot, the Pharoahs mandated the usage of agricultural land, and they used the ‘furlong’ (10 ‘chains’ of 66 feet each), for taxation purposes, significantly enough to emplace it within the measure of the pyramid builders to culturally ingrain their powerful influence over those who worked for them.
Over time, this measurement gained adaptations with various tribes and states. One of them called for the accurate 18” Lunar Cubit, which I had to look into, given its connotation. With the same process as before, by dividing the speed of sound (1130f.p.s.) by 18” (1.5 feet), I came across nothing helpful, rather than something mind-blowing. That is, until I figured the ‘Lunar’ part into my equation: it’s colder at night, and therefore the speed of sound covers less ground. At freezing, in fact, this speed is 1080 feet! Like the 1080 parts per hour that make up the “Helakim,” or moments, on a Hebrew or Israeli clock! Further care will lead one to realize that the Moon itself has a radius of 1080 kilometers, like the Sun’s diameter of 864,000 kilometers (108,000 multiplied by 8). So, 1080 feet per second multiplied by 12 inches (which is 12960 – the same number as half a Zodiac Precession), divided by 18 inches…equals 720 (72 by 10)! Now, for the chicken and the egg bit: the cubit already had a “remen” standard for the pyramid workers, which was 20 segments total. Was this vegisemal base-20 measure (like that of the Aztec and Maya) converted to the number 18 first (because of the 18 year eclipse phase), and just toyed with until it worked, or, was the number 720 more to play as the initiator? Either way, these people must have known the difference in acoustical wave pressure limits associated with temperature change. The inch, herein, is ancient, and, it is quite an esoteric treasure, as one might notice if they were to regard Maypoles, e.g. (30 feet high, equaling 360 inches in symbolism of the ancient 360-day year).
Now we can cross-reference some information back to that baffling number, ‘144.’ There are 360 degrees in a circle because of sacred geometry… of course… but most, people do not understand or even question why and how this came to pass. Each of the two solstices in a year arrest the Sun at a standstill for a tad more than 2.5 days at a time. Solar Deity religions around the world, and even some modern scientists, would have it that the “resurrection” of the Sun each time actually takes 3 days (72 hours – half of ‘144’). But just as the thumb is not considered a finger, the solstice days are not actually ‘moving’ us about the year at all. Some ancient cultures believed that Earthlings were tricked by cosmic forces because of this effect, and because the Moon no longer meshes cycles with the solar zodiac (as it once did and as it may once again in the distant future). Hence, we have a sacred 360-day calendar that directly relates to the wild numerology touched upon within this paper. Just as a lead-in to where we’re going, the pentacle has five points of 72 degree-separations per triangle: 72, 144, 216, 288, and 360/0 - very ‘Solar’ numbers, as ascertained from what we know now. If we take the shapes or numbers (of their corners) of the famous Platonic Solids, divided into 360, we put something huge into perspective and make it even more profound.
A circle divided four ways gives us 90 degree intervals. Divided 6 ways, we achieve 60 degree intervals. 8 way separations provide 45 degree angles. 12 pieces each have 30 degrees, and, finally, 20 pieces contain 18 degrees each. The “fundamental overtones,” or harmonics, of the Platonic Solid numbers, the pentacle numbers, and also the triangle (being 120 degrees each), and the binary sequence of cellular life (1, 2, 4, 8, 16, etc), relay a message as orchestrated as myths themselves. Many say that music is the universal language, and this couldn’t be closer to the Truth. If one tunes a musical instrument to a C note of 256Hz (binary), as the Greeks and pre-Asian Indian and Persian people once did… it is quite easy to create music out of anything that vibrates at all. This would give us a ‘concert pitch’ A note of 432Hz – an octave of that interesting 216, as well as 108 (like the amount of beads on a mala or rosary), 54 (the eclipse cycle) and even 27 (a ‘lucky’ number in Western society, and bead count on a wrist mala). Whereas Hermes, the fabled goat-God ‘Pan,’ mythical ‘Orpheus,’ Apollo, Fu Xi (inventor of Feng Shui, the compass, and the I- Ching), and even King David and Solomon all supposedly tuned their instruments to a sacred standard… culture clash and domination over millennia have both offered confusion and dissent, instead of geometrical sense, to musicians everywhere. To create visual and audible communications, like structures and music and artistic ratios, which transcend cultured constraints and language barriers, we can once again come closer to some semblance of Utopian revolution.
Who’s done this as of yet? All of the scribes who’ve written to help compile the now-reforming Library of Alexandria… Pacal the Great, of the Maya Classic Period, who initiated the pyramid construction phase which entailed so much grand esoteric sacred geometrical symbolism in structure and in allegory through the creation myth… those who manifested the spectacles at a central Java province, Borobudur, where the amount of statues at "The temple of countless Buddhas" is 432... the Tibetans who proclaim that living until a ripe old age of 108 (432/4) is still considered auspicious… and, even the nautical masters who gave us Angkor Wat of Cambodia (which is at 72 degrees longitude East of the pyramids of Giza, and has 72 major temples with 108 outlying towers surrounding Phnom Bakheng). For “Western” societal awareness, it might be modernly noticed that the Vatican sits atop 108 acres, or that most of our computer and television and automobile technology items flourish thoroughly the harmonics of said numbers.  Of Revelations, again: If “(…) they sang a new song before the throne and before the four living creatures (the Zodiacal cross) and the elders [...and) no one could learn the song except the 144,000 who had been redeemed from the earth,” [Bible] and, if a Kali Yuga Cycle of 432,000 years is almost up, I would say that we all have some correlations in major religions to make. There's no better time than now to re-member exactly what it was that made these integrated measures so important to many cultures of old. It’s time to make our lives and our entertainment that which we can do to learn, to preserve, to teach, to heal, and to create – in step, and in harmony.

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A Real Time Machine!!

A good astrology mnemonic:
The Ramble Twins Crab Liverish;
Scaly Scorpions Are Good Water Fish.
(Ram-Ble = Ram, Bull; Twins = Twins; Crab = Crab; Li-Ver(ish) = Lion, Virgin; Scaly = Scale; Scorpion = Scorpio; Are = Archer; Good = Goat; Water = Water Bearer; Fish = Fish)
Why? Here we go:
I said it in another blog, but I am going to focus (accentuate) it here; you aren't the Sign you think you are. This is for the same reason that old Egypt's Sphinx was constructed in representation of the cross between the Virgo... or Sekhmet... and the Lion (making a lioness). The sun was rising during the Spring Equinox (how we judge what "Age" we are in), in that particular millennium, directly between those two Astrological Signs. Currently, it is rising between Pisces and Aquarius (which will be the coming Age). Hence the aquatic symbology in esoteric fine art and architecture here, there, and everywhere. There will surely be more of that on its way, in a further blatant fashion sense. But still: every 2160 years we click off an "hour"...

What a sign post that is! Great manifestations of 3D teachings, signatures, and time-stamping have been crafted through enduring geopolymer architecture since the earliest of Egyptian Dynasties (of which perhaps 8,000 years+ are 'missing' in the scheme of separation between that Sphinx and the Pyramids); Asia, India, Greece, Rome, Central America... and many more locations have been marked by their passing or stationary cultures in this way. Over 2000 pyramid/ions, in fact, exist throughout the known world today. Incredible.

The Precession of the Equinoxes is one of the great secrets of the ancient and continuous Mystery Schools - it is now known well enough to modern science - but the holistic astrological/geometrical/theological/linguistic dimensionality of its complex associations should be paid attention by all intelligent seekers of knowledge and further creative capacity. One degree of the celestial sphere moves each 72 years, and one whole Sign moves each 30 degrees. Being that the sky shifts, as such, our current monthly astrological Signs (which were affixed in the year '0' CE) are also shifted -- this is known as Sidereal Astrology, opposed to the less practical Tropical Astrology (with which most folks are familiarized).

...around and around it goes - where it stops, nobody knows...

One of the effects of precession? Global Climate change.

(right click and 'view picture' for better image)
(and that's just an ounce of change... depending on cosmic interplay, four or five of these 25920-year long Precessions equates to one Milankovitch Cycle)...

"600 'and' Threefold Six" - or, in Gematria & Sumerian & Babylonian & Vedic math styles altogether, which the Biblical mathematic astrology came from to begin with [hence the Krishna-esque white horse analogy, the 'four creatures,' and so on] - 600 x 216[6 cubed] years = 129600 YEARS. In fact, 216 was the original "ineffable" Triple Tetragrammaton "name of God" to the Hebrew Cohen Priesthood... of which Moses (or Mises or Musse - whatever) himself was considered... that had to be pronounced in front of the Ark of the Covenant in order to use it!! The term 'score,' meaning 20 (twenty), came about via Roman military lingo translation after the New Testament; in other words, the whole Six Hundred Threescore Six thing meaning a literal "666" is just plain BOGUS.

Here's a graphical example of 'The Beast':

(Yes. That IS our orbit, turned circular rather than elliptical, changed over a phase of the usual 108000- to -129600 years... with a "major component of these effects" occurring over a period pretty darned close to one Vedic "Kali Yuga" cycle of 432000 years)


Just for backup, too, the "144000 survivors," in the end times, is a period of 400 years (360-day years, that is) at the end of the Precession, equalling the same length of time as a Mayan "Bak'tun" (with the same 360-day calendrics), and, is equally prophesied by Pacal The Great, who started the great Classic Maya Period pyramid building age, to be the 'reset'...

(click the sacred Pacal tomb artwork below)


And even more:

(WHOA! Holy Interglacial Periods, Iceman!
Talk about synchronous! Looks like a 108000 year phase shift!)

And with all this global warming stuff, we're on the quick up back to chillville, according to Milankovitch Cycling...

...AND we're heading into cold & watery territory via the Precession!! Maybe warm is OK? God knows we're all a bunch of helpless, nature-freaked, techno-pansies now that industry has us all by the bullocks, dependent and "docile as Hindu cows" (Tyler Durden's words). What the hell would we all do if another mini Ice Age just smacked us in the face at the same time as Colony Collapse Disorder and the creeping, overdue electromagnetic pole shift (which in temperate turmoil would burst the Yellowstone volcano and keep things even colder)?

"...learn to swim -- I'll see you down in Arizona Bay..." - TOOL

I'd say it's a good time to learn both the Trivium and Quadrivium, as well as wilderness first responder aide, natural healing, energy (heat, motion, electricity) production, and a little bit of agriculture. Shamanic training wouldn't hurt; it helps to keep your mental framework exactly where you want it to be during times of great stress or when aiming to help the masses. Knowledge just may mean survival, in a time when 'genius' is considered a special trait.
Even Buddha supposedly said, under veneration by countrymen, "...I am simply awake."
What is it to be 'awake'? Perhaps it is to practice androgyny and emotional/logical neutrality; to balance the left and right brain and the singular import of Heaven & Earth as one (as above so below); to not dwell in regret nor rely on hopefulness, but to live in acceptance of what is; to bring the spiritual insight back into a world dependent on material evolution?

OH! And by the by: go back to all of the highlighted numerals... do they resemble at all, various octaves of pentatonic musical notes when concert pitch is A432? The Sun's diameter is 864000 miles to the Moon's 2160 miles, to boot. The circle is 360 degrees (which 72 fits into 5 times to form the Phi-relative pentacle of nature's growth pattern)... and the 12th number in the Fibbonaci Sequence is 144, just like 12 x 12. Dodecahedron = Spirit (Greek belief), indeed! And the solar calendar with 8 major points, just like the binary numerical system on which all solar/cellular division/multiplication is based? Well, 64 times 400 (years each of) 'horizontal' or 'orbital' cycles of Earth's core equals one Equinox Precession period. And each 54 years? A Triple Saros, or Exeligmos; eclipse prediction cycle "magi-c."

Time to share a good book:

Light and Truth,
Brendan Bombaci