Sunday, December 20, 2015

Short treatise: "On Awareness and Souls"

On Awareness and Souls
By Brendan Bombaci

Creative Commons License


Self-awareness stems from awareness.

Awareness stems from reactions.

The basis for biological reaction is chemical.

The basis for chemical reaction is atomic.

Atoms interact energetically with dark matter/energy
in rarity, and do so with insubstantial and sporadic, non-patterned fashion.

All atomic energy can be tracked and measured.

Ultimately then, “awareness” is the reactive energetic attraction and repulsion within and between circuitous forms, and is trackable with instrumentation.

Increasingly complex circuits, from molecules upward, allow
 increasingly compartmental and hierarchical awareness.

In many mammals and, now, in artificial intelligence, this facilitates greater memory capacity and logic computation beyond solely genetic and instinctual reactions; such "higher" intelligence is individualized and intuitive.

Personality and emotion manifests from this evolved capacity.

1: In religion, “souls,” “spirits,” and "gods" have personality.

2: They are decreed as eternal,
originating either always and/or after the passing of life.

3: Some – prophets, mediums, shamans, e.g.,
claim to speak with them.

All of these three latter, religious concepts, are false
by the preceding facts because: (1) awareness may technically be eternal, as it stems from atoms and their energy which may only be transformed and never destroyed, but
self-awareness and personality are corporeal,
so, if there is any kind of “soul,”
it is the entire cosmos of energy and not anthropomorphic at all;
and (2) we can measure energy fields in environments and have established already that supernatural entities are non-existent in general, let alone emanating from or nearby a recently deceased individual, corroborating or at least theoretically supporting (1).

Awareness is omnipresent.  It is not vertebrate life alone experiencing awareness, but the organic, the chemical, the mineral, the atomic interactions, in everything, as the reactionary fundament of action.

Only the self-awareness, the self-consciousness, of higher mammals and of birds, is unique.  And it is impermanent.

There is no invisible afterlife plane.  Awareness is already eternal.  We merely provide it, at the heights of biological life (perhaps yet unknown to humans), compartmentalized circuitry to recognize itself via the myriad ways it can exist.

To experientially realize this - to embody this - in contemplative exploration or otherwise-achieved ego dissolution, is to reach the Nirvana of Vedantist philosophy, or, rather, enact Moksha.

These collective thoughts are scientifically articulated notions resonating with Samkhya philosophy...
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Saturday, December 19, 2015

Poem: "Return"

(Copyright Brendan Bombaci)

Creative Commons License

We come, we play, we dance the day,
We share, we dare, we whisk away,
We’re bold, we’re told, until we are old;
We grow to know we reap what we sow.
For fame or fortune, for glory or glee,
We follow our muses so studiously.
But all in all, when around us may fall
Our friends or our loved ones, it grips us, the call
To remember our purpose – the basis, and goal:
To find and be there for who makes us whole.
For it time it does fly, and good life is an art,

But we cannot forget that it’s born from the heart.

Poem: "A Plea for Reason"

A Plea for Reason
(Copyright Brendan Bombaci)

Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a

“We are what we eat,” as it goes, but it’s not often
that we heed hidden meanings in such prose, not forgotten
by the few with utmost reverence for the present and the here;
freedom can be yours if you only lend an ear.

If it is that we grow and we live from our consumption,
taking precious energy from all forms, for the production
of our bodies and our thoughts, then it only stands to reason
that all else takes from us in reciprocal cohesion.

With that being the case, we can derive that our bodies
are not the “soul traps” that the cardinals have lobbied
the tyrants everywhere to relate to the masses,
for to ease their submission on the way to death and taxes.

No, it is the case that our energy is shared
with our friends, with loved ones, with nature everywhere.
So while we’re here, we are one. We should treat each other so,
for when we’re gone, we are none but food on which to grow.

There is nothing lost in this, there is beauty, there is bliss,
because life is so much more without fear of the abyss.
Strength, it comes from knowing that you still can live forever
through your family, your creations, & your actions (absent never).

The marvel, it abounds and is plenty. Why ask more?
Even with its hardships, there is always good in store.
The promise of a place made just for us appeases ego,
the self-concerned defender, the survivor only greed knows.

It’s all so very simple – deeming real what is illusion –
for power lies in magic when you are one in the collusion:
social leverage is affirmed, with common threads we are the same,
there is comfort when your team has the most players in the game.

So what started as a salve has become a medication,
a placebo asking nothing but avoidance (for salvation):
close your eyes, say “I’m sorry,” while the world is needing care,
but “worry not your head, child, as Heaven pays your fare.”

“All is fair in love and war,” “it’s dog eat dog,” you know.
Then how on Earth are we much better, than a murder of crows?
Morals need no religion, for good and bad, you see,
are only the result of deliberate empathy.

Caring starts with an inkling, so simple – pristine –
that what makes us all different, we all use – a machine –
to break free from the prison of life’s primal instinct
and become gods amongst the creatures – new, stronger links.

The machine, we call it culture, and it makes us who we are:
individuals from ideas, from nurturing, from the stars.
Without such care, we’re nothing, as evolution has made us
dependent upon love and reason, capable to take us

anywhere we wish to go, and to give us cosmic power
to live forever, create new life and embrace the hour
that is upon us now, stemming from Enlightenment
and not from proto-thinking that has served the fight, the end.

As we have no souls, since our energy, unbound,
is not created or destroyed and always can be found,
and since there is no Heaven or mystic arbiter,
it’s up to us to spread the wealth and be glorious on Earth.